BX is a blockchain-based betting and prediction market ecosystem designed to revolutionize the future of betting

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Introducing bx

BX is a global, decentralized peer-to-peer betting and prediction market ecosystem that will allow its users to place bets on any market created by the community using the BX token.

With the smart contract power of the ethereum blockchain, BX is able to cut out the middleman and give its users full control over their funds and betting transactions at all time.

BX aims to completely disrupt and redefine the traditional betting industry by offering its users a unique betting experience.

A 60 billion $ market is about to be revolutionized...


Our vision is to create an ecosystem which fully supports each of the following market types, to provide a truly unique and engaging experience for all players








Lack of trust

Traditional betting operators require a high degree of trust - which is sometimes exploited by the bookmakers, to the detriment of their users. On the other hand, this responsibility results in high procedural and financial expenditures for the bookmakers as well.

Lack of transparency

The processes of traditional bookmakers remain hidden, giving no insights into what information led to specific odds and making it impossible to ascertain whether the odds are fair or set too far in the bookmakers' favor.

Interference of providers & Limitations

Within the current sports betting landscape, the players are very limited in their freedom of betting. bookmakers can limit the players in their betting behaviour and even penalise players who frequently win, by banning or restricting them.

High costs

High costs are required to run a traditional betting operator safely and efficiently for both the players and the company. These costs are reflected in high margin odds and directly charged to the players.

The solution

Our decentralized, blockchain based approach eliminates non-distributed processes and allows players to benefit from full transparency and total control over their betting experience. We remove the middleman and hand control back to the user.

BX neutralises all problems and weaknesses from the current betting market, by introducing a powerful and distributed ecosystem running on self-executing smart contracts, which significantly cuts transaction and operational costs.

How it works


Betting exchange

The BX betting exchange forms the central hub for its users to accept or offer bets on the outcomes of the markets.


BX will establish a fair and transparent fee structure, which is solely designed to keep the ecosystem running. The overall fee will be significantly lower than industry standards.


All BX betting transactions, as well as payouts, will run safely, autonomously and transparently on the blockchain by using Smart Contract Technology.


Becoming a bookmaker has never been so easy. In the BX ecosystem, every user can become a Market Owner and receive a share of the market they have created.


BX will offer two types of betting markets within the ecosystem: private and public markets.


BX will introduce the BX outcome voting system as a decentralized Oracle to determine the outcomes of the bets securely and reliably.


The BX app offers the full joy and functionality of the BX ecosystem

Everything in one place

The BX app makes it easy to keep track of all your betting activities and results, from one simple place. With the BX mobile App players will have the whole BX ecosystem in their pocket - anytime, anywhere.

Designed with you in mind

We strive for excellence in UI/UX design, and so we have ensured that the BX powered apps are simple and easy to use.

Place Bets

Search through the huge variety of different betting markets created by the community, to decide which ones to bet on.

Become a Market Owner

Create your very own betting markets to become a market owner and receive your share of your market - the community is in control of what to bet on.

Create Private Markets

Create your own private betting market and invite friends, family and other BX users to join your private betting community.

Determine Outcomes

Use the BX outcome voting system to determine the outcome of bets and receive a reward for every honest outcome vote.

What makes bx different?

BX combines betting on the blockchain with the most advanced and transparent betting concept: a betting exchange with the goal to create a whole new experience for our users.

Betting Exchange functionality on the blockchain

BX will bring the full functionality of a betting exchange to the blockchain and revolutionize the way betting will take place in the future.

Become the Market Owner

With our Market Owner concept, BX eliminates the problem of illiquid betting markets by giving a robust incentive model for the Market Owner to ensure liquidity in every market at every time.


On BX all users bet against each other without having to interact with a central authority or bookmaker. The BX ecosystem is transparent, democratized and all winnings stay within the community.


The whole betting process is given back into the hand of the users with BX. All betting transactions run on the blockchain, and are completely autonomous, secure and transparent, and the players remain in full control of their betting actions and funds at all time.


Without a centralized authority, on BX everyone can offer (SELL) and accept (BUY) bets. The odds solely result from the demand and supply and therefore represent the probability of a specific outcome, based on the aggregated opinions of the players

No Limitations

BX provides its users the unlimited freedom of creating their own betting markets, acting as a Market Owner, accepting bets or offering their own odds at any time. There are no restrictions on the types and amount of bets, as the community decides whether a bet or a market gets approved.

Low Fees

BX creates a fee structure that is fair and transparent. Furthermore, our fee is significantly lower than the industry standard and is solely designed to keep the ecosystem running.

Social Betting

BX offers the possibility to create private betting markets for closed groups. This gives users a level of freedom that they have never experienced before. To further enhance the social betting experience, users have the possibility to leave thoughts and comments in each market.

Token sale details


Pre-Token Sale start date 15th October 2018
Pre-Token Sale end date 29th October 2018
Main Token Sale start date 19th November 2018
Main Token Sale end date 17th December 2018
Total token supply 200,000,000
Total tokens offered 120,000,000
Hard cap $20,000,000
Soft cap $5,000,000
Token symbol BX
Token sale price 1 BX = 0.19 USD
Blockchain used Ethereum
Token standard ERC20
Token type Utility

Token distribution

  • 60% Token Sale
  • 10% Team
  • 10% Advisor
  • 5% Bounty
  • 15% Company Reserve

Fund distribution

  • 50% Development
  • 25% Marketing
  • 15% Operations
  • 5% Legal
  • 5% Miscellaneous

Bonus scheme


300 USD -
2,000 USD
2,000 USD -

15,000 USD
15,000 USD


Q3 2017

Project kick-off

Q4 2017

Product / concept development

Q1 2018

Token Offer Development and MVP development

Q3 2018

Private sale and Pre-Token Offer

Q3 2018

Public Token Offer

Q4 2018

First Exchange Listings

Q4 2018

Release of the private alpha version of BX.
Regulations and Licensing

Q1 2019

BX Public beta and BX Wallet release

Q2 2019

API / Mobile app release

Q3 2019

BX roll out with full functionality

Q4 2019

Implementation of financial markets & all eSports features


Offline presence and other great expansion in the BX ecosystem

As featured in

Core Team

Christian Heins

Co-founder, Management & Execution Expert

Gabriel Vollmann

Co-founder, Operations & Marketing Expert

Christian Lenz

Co-founder, Blockchain & Project Management Expert

Joschka Kupich

Co-founder, Product Development & Lead Generation Expert

Isaac Sant

Technology Expert

Matthew Piscopo

Product and Usability Expert

Allister Bajada

Marketing Expert

Diane Dalli

Finance Expert

Daniel Bradtke

Marketing & Business Development Expert

Beka Tomashvili

Solution Architect & Lead developer

Giga Chkhikvadze

Lead Blockchain developer & Architect

Luka Oniani

Solution Architect & Senior Project Manager


Gabriel Demirci

Corporate Development & Strategy Advisor

Dr. Joseph Borg

Legal Advisor

Olaf Gajdosz

Marketing Advisor



What is BX?

BX is a blockchain-based betting and prediction market ecosystem, designed to change the way the world bets. BX has the vision to create a whole new betting experience, where any user can take over the role of the bookmaker, create their own markets, place and offer bets with self-determined odds, and even participate in the outcome determination of a market. All by using the BX Token, which is conceived to become the global standard for all betting transactions

What is the purpose of the BX token?

The BX token will mainly be used to:

  • place bets
  • create betting markets
  • determine outcomes of a market
  • claim rewards and betting profits

Where can I store my BX tokens?

In order to receive and store your BX tokens, you can use any Ethereum wallet supporting ERC20 tokens. We recommend one of the following wallets:

MyEtherWallet - Online Wallet(

MetaMask - Browser Addon(

Mist - Desktop(

Parity - Desktop(

What’s the price of the BX token?

1 BX Token = 0,19 USD

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) and bank transfers.

Are there any bonuses available?

Yes, there are several bonuses available, depending on the respective phase and the contributed amount. For more information, please take a look at

How can I participate in the token sale?

To participate in our token sale, you need to register and crate an account for the BX Investor Dashboard. Once you are registered, you can log in and go through our KYC process. After you have been confirmed and set up your masterwallet, you are able to contribute.

What is a Masterwallet?

Your Masterwallet is the wallet to which we will distribute your purchased BX token. In case you are contributing in ETH, you have to use this wallet as well.

Can I contribute from an exchange?

No, you cannot send contribution direclty from an exchange, like Binance, Coinbase, etc. This is really important, you will lose your contribution if you do so. You need to set up an ERC20 compatible masterwallet.

How can I get in touch with you?

We are trying to be as available as possible for our community. The easiest way to reach out to us is in our official telegram group. If you have any inquiry, which can't be answered in the group, you can send an email to

Where is your company based?

We are located in Malta, also called the blockchain island. We have offices on Malta, as well as in Germany.

What is the VFA? Are you a regulated token sale?

VFA stands for Virtual Financial Assets. The Maltese passed a package of three bills to regulate blockchain technology on a global basis.

We drafted our tokensale and whitepaper in full compliance with the Maltese regulatory framework for issuing virtual financial assets. We will get any required approvals from the competent authorities once the relevant laws are in force and thus be fully regulated

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